Ranking Definitions

The scoring system is nice and simple. A score of ten is maximum, it pretty much says that this book is one of the three or four most glorious books ever written. A score of one, on the other hand, says that the printing of this particular work is an active detriment to society at large, should never have been written, author should be put in the stockade, etc etc. Neither extreme should be used except in rare occassions. Scores in the middle are for books in the middle, at whatever quality you see fit. Anyway, a more specific breakdown follows:

  Score: Description:
10 This is one of my three favorite books of all time!
9 This book is absolutely incredible, except for one tiny flaw.
8 I will definitely read this book more than once.
7 Definitely worth owning, to probably read again.
6 I would buy it used, but not new.
5 Good enough to recommend to a bored person.
4 Worth reading once, but not more than that.
3 Might be worth reading on a rainy day.
2 Don't read this unless you're really really bored.
1 I wouldn't wish this book on {place worst enemy's name here}.
N/A I have not read this book.

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